Wear Your Your Shoes

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"The way we present ourselves in business affects our promotability, our effectiveness with associates, and how customers perceive us." (Susan Bixley, author of Professional Presence)

This article is indeed about "Dressing for Success", and I would like to you to think of that expression in very broad terms. Consider aspects beyond the clothing you wear. You project a tangible expression of your vision by the way you carry yourself, your mannerisms, facial expressions, your manner of speaking, and the way you approach the world. Most of us settle into a comfortable mode that we maintain for years. This could work well for us, or it might keep us from opening up to new opportunities. In order for growth and development to come into our lives, we need to change something about ourselves. And often what appears to be only a change on the outside produces a powerful inner change for us.

Jack Canfield tells about one of his early business experiences when his boss took him shopping at an upscale men's shop. He was very uncomfortable just being in the store but managed to buy one expensive dress shirt. He wore the shirt the next day and realized how well it fit, how the fabric felt better than a cheaper shirt, and how well he looked in it. This made him want to buy more! "Slowly my comfort zone had changed because I'd gotten used to something better."

One of my coaching clients who was preparing for an important interview at a university, purchased what she called her "dean's shoes." Wearing the shoes added to her confident presence in the interview. She did not get that particular job, but her impression performance in conversations with those she met opened the way to an even better and more appropriate position.

Dressing and acting for success does more than impress others. When you behave as if you already have the job, the relationship, the house, the car, or whatever – this creates a change in you. It's kind of a 'rewiring' process for your body, mind, and spirit. What a powerful idea! You can choose the attitude and demeanor that leads to living the life you want.

How would you like to see yourself and your environment? Perhaps a new pair of shoes will get you on the right path.

"If you're going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big." (Donald Trump)

Source by Anna Watkins