Strategies To Adhere To When Buying The Best Squash Shoes

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What do you know about the sport known as squash? Squash is similar to American racquetball. It is a very demanding and strenuous game that will require agility on part of the player. Because of the demands of the sport, any squash player should always see to it that he is using the right equipment. Any substandard equipment is not acceptable. In this sport, the racquet that you use and shoes that you wear play an important part.

What kind of squash shoes should you wear? Well, there are shoes that are used exclusively for indoor squash courts only. These shoes have special features such as gum rubberized outer sole. Such footwear is soft and gentle to the squash court as well as the players playing on the court. One identifying feature pertinent to squash shoes is the color. Usually they are light brown; they can also be blondish in shade. Although they are soft, they should nonetheless be firm enough for traction.

As you shop for squash shoes, you should remember a few pointers. During a match, your activity can increase the flow of blood. Thus, your feet can be susceptible to swelling. If you buy a tight pair of squash shoes, then you will not be comfortable during the game when your feet swell a bit. Therefore, go for something that is slightly larger than your current size and can accommodate your swollen feet. You should make it a point to check your shoes thoroughly before buying them. Try your shoes in the best possible way.

You should assess your shoes to see if you feel stable in your movements. Feel if you have the tendency to slip or if the shoes have the tendency to turn. While the shoes are on, try to move your feet – heel and toe and heel and toe. Check also the length of the shoes and feel the tightness; it should not be too tight to restrict the movement of your feet on the court.

If you are playing squash regularly, you should be aware of the time for shoe replacement. There are two signs to watch for. Your shoes are ready to be replaced if the soles are worn out. You should buy a new pair when your feet hurt after the match. Your feet will hurt when the interior part of the shoes is worn out. This is a perfect indication that it's time to replace your squash shoes.

There frequency of squash shoe replacement will depend on how frequent you play this sport. For instance, if you play squash four times a week, you will need to replace your shoes after four months' time. If you play once a week, then you will need to replace your shoes after one year. Do not try to use your old shoes for a long time as it may damage your feet.

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