Ladies Shoes – Top 7 Brands

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Choosing your next pair of ladies shoes is never easy with the huge amount of fabulous styles and brands out there today. Shopping by brand for ladies shoes can make your job a lot easier when you are confronted with the mass choice available for in most cases if you like the style of a shoe from a particular brand then you will more than likely like other shoes from that same brand. Here is a look at the top 7 brands for ladies shoes.

1. Diesel Shoes – Diesel have a wide selection of shoes including trainers, boots, pumps, and boots. The Diesel style is funky and current which is geared more towards the youngger generation. Diesel have a certain rock chick feel about their shoes, so if you feel like having some sexy attitude on your feet then Diesel is definitely for you.

2. Converse All Star – These ladies trainers are all the rage at the moment with the youngsters. The style of Converse is retro American pumps, they are cool and go with many different outfits including skirts and dresses.

3. DKNY Ladies Shoes – DKNY shoes are very stylish, elegant and chic. This brand is geared more towards ladies over twenty five and upwards, due to the style of the shoes and the cost.

4. Faith Shoes – Faith have a great range of shoes which cater for a lot of different people. They are hip and current in their designs and have some shoes that are at the lower end of the price bracket and some at the higher end of up to the few hundred mark.

5. Guess – The Guess brand is a little more expensive than Faith and is geared more towards the over 25 year olds with their designs. Very sleek and modern.

6. Kurt Geiger – Kurt Geiger is the Obi Wan Kenobi of shoes. This brand is a lot more expensive than the other brands stated so far, the cheapest shoe of this brand you can find is a hundred pounds, and that's the very cheapest, but you surely get what you pay for, this brand has the very best designs, materials and styles.

7. Miss Sixty Shoes – If you like really out there designs then Miss Sixty is the brand for you. Miss Sixty is great for the fashion and trend setters because their styles are quirky and eye catching.

Source by Joe Denver