Espadrilles – Comfort to Your Feet

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Espadrilles are a range of casual flat or high heeled shoes and sandals. Espadrilles are extremely comfortable shoes and can be worn by both men and women alike. Espadrilles has it’s origin from the beautiful mountain range of Pyrennes which … Read More

Stylish Men's Coats For All Season

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Whatever be the occasion you are prompting to attend or any type of season, there is always the appropriate men's coats that you can choose from. It comes from different styles, cuts, colors and sizes that would perfectly suit any … Read More

Best Foot Forward

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Foot filing. If you use one of the new 'foot filing' products that are designed to remove dry skin from you feet (and resemble a mini cheese grater), please do so carefully, when your feet are dry; using it on … Read More

Cross Training Shoes – What Are They?

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Cross training shoes are shoes that are a hybrid of several different types of athletic footwear. The phrase "cross training" implies engaging in activities that draw from a variety of different sports. Originally, to cross train mean an athlete would … Read More

Wear Your Your Shoes

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"The way we present ourselves in business affects our promotability, our effectiveness with associates, and how customers perceive us." (Susan Bixley, author of Professional Presence) This article is indeed about "Dressing for Success", and I would like to you to … Read More

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