Leather Ladies Work Bags

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Ladies bags are an integral part of their outdoor items and few of them would like to stride out without having one slung on the shoulder or held in the hand. They are a necessity as well as a fashion. … Read More

10 Rules of Successful Dating For Men

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Any guy who is successful with women follows the same basic pattern of behavior. These patterns of behavior that ultimately lead to success in love form dating rules for men. Follow these simple tips if you want to become more … Read More

Top Women's Hairstyle Trends For 2010

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Women just love doing anything and everything to enhance their personality and beauty. Looking glamorous and elegant in every season for every occasion is important for her. Choosing right kind of hairstyle is as important as finding a unique dress, … Read More

Types of Hiking Footwear for Men and Women

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First variety is the light-weight mountaineering boots. This type of boots, or trails footwear, are mainly intended for mountaineering while the sun is up. It's standard features are its light weight, elasticity, coziness and breathability. As a result, these are … Read More

In Her Shoes

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I can not tell you how many times I have gone to lunch with my girlfriend and listened to stories about her dating disadvantages. They felt like episodes out of Sex and the City. Seriously! The saddest thing is she … Read More

High Heels

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Stylish and elegant, high-heeled footwear is a perfect choice to compliment your outfit. High heels are a popular choice among women. Trendy, sleek and stylish, high-heeled sandals or shoes are in vogue, globally. Whether it is sleek stilettos or platforms, … Read More

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